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About Us


B&F Airport Systems Inc. was founded as a direct result of the downsizing of Canada’s largest Airport Systems Integration Company.

B&F is a wholly Canadian owned company focused on medium and small sized projects that combines aspects of manufacture, design, systems integration, and project management to provide its airport related customers with value engineered products and results based on the client’s needs. Over 80% of our sales efforts are directed to existing clients. B & F believes any contract must be a partnership. We believe business is built on relationships developed through mutual understanding. Satisfying the expectations of our clients must be paramount.

Airport Team

It is not enough to provide quality equipment that simply meets mechanical specifications for Airport Baggage Handling. The key of ABH Systems-Integration is a combination of quality mechanical equipment, state of the art electrical controls and goal orientated project management.

Our team is highly specialized and we provide a full range from concept development, electrical/mechanical design, fabrication, panel building, programming and training of operational and maintenance people.

Equipment and Services

We are in the position of being able to offer equipment with features that may be advantageous to your project.

For example:

To contact Franz Metzler:
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